How Does a Cashmere Scarf Become Your School Accessory?

The bell is ringing in your head as you get up only to see your alarm going off! It’s almost time and you are as usual LATE. Soon the bus will arrive and you have got nothing to wear.

Seems familiar?

Yes, this is the regular morning scene for many school goers especially those not entitled to school uniform.

It’s enough challenging for you to stand-out in high school with all those grades and sports sessions. Adding to this pile of tension is your daily pain of choosing the right outfit. Dressing up nicely each day is daunting. However, if you have the right add-on then your plain attire gets a new look, isn’t it?

Here in comes an accessory which can change your outlook for the day anytime. The cashmere scarf!

Going to School in a Cashmere Scarf


What Makes Shawls Wraps Different

Shawls wraps are an innovative way to dress you in a chilly spring evening or for a night out. Wrap it over your office outfit and you will find yourself completely redefined. Whether you are out for your casual tete-a-tete or a sudden appointment and you don’t have enough time to dress yourself up, the best way to cover up and walk confidently is by wrapping a shawl over the outfit. At party red scarf takes the eyes away!

There is a plethora of colors, patterns and designs in which you can find shawls, or a scarf, a general pashmina and a stole. Even the designers seeing plenty of opportunity in weaving their ingenuity in here came up with designs and patterns that makes up each of the piece exclusive. If you search on Amazon you will find the most exquisite collection of shawls wraps which are all decorative works of the best designer in the world coming in comfortable price. Even if you need a shawl for casual and regular use you don’t have go far but search here.

Shawls n Wraps


Silk Scarf and how it is Conquering the Fashion Game this Winter?

If you are looking to find a simple yet effective way to amplify your style quotient, then a small silk scarf is by far the best option. It instantly polishes a present, simple look and adds oomph to the same. In the ‘70s women had sported numerous looks with scarves, and it almost went with every outfit. This retro style is making a comeback and is for sure to stay this time.

A scarf was a staple then and is indeed an evergreen style component ever since. Silk scarves are being launched by the high-end clothing brands like Gucci, St. Laurent and have been present in most of their fashion show models.

Silk Scarf


When the Merriment of Christmas Gets a Note Higher with Cashmere Scarf…

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O’er the fields we go

Laughing all the way

Jingle bells…jingle bells…jingle all the way…

Now, now don’t judge the opening! No matter how old we become, this eternal rhyme is what comes to our mind the moment we talk about Christmas.

As the festive fervor of Christmas arrives, there is a flurry at the stores to buy the best gifts for your friends and family. And, then starts the thousands of questions regarding which item you should go for – clothes, jewellery, a box of chocolates, and what not?

This year, we have a solution for you. A cashmere scarf!

The versatile cashmere scarf adds perfectly to your gift list as it is an eternal cloth piece carrying thousands of years of legacy. It comes from the Himalayan mountain goats’ skin and therefore, emerges as the softest and gentlest of fabrics ever found on earth.

xmas gift cashmere scarf
xmas gift – a cashmere scarf and gloves


Know Your Cashmere Pashmina Grade!

The variety of cashmere pashmina circulating the consumer market is endless. However, not every product is made of 100% original cashmere. Moreover, the most common misconception few global consumers have is that cashmere is wool.

In originality, pure cashmere is fur which comes for the underbellies of Changthangi goats found in the high altitudes of Nepal. Nevertheless, in today’s consumer market, a pashmina is mostly determined by its price. Therefore, consumers often assume that products with a high price are automatically pure.

However, there are a few factors which can help you determine the pureness of pashminas. So, for your convenience, here are some essential questionnaires to know your cashmere’s better!


Don’t Miss Out on These Tests While Buying a Cashmere Pashmina!

Cashmere – the rare fiber of wool obtained from Chyangra goats of the Himalayan domain is the prime ingredient of classic pashminas. Amidst a plethora of reasons which make cashmere pashmina one of the most expensive products, the primary fact is, it is only available once a year. That means weavers have to wait for a complete year before they can start collecting the wool and spin these cashmere shawls.

Since it is such a luxurious product, it is, therefore, vital to examine the cashmere’s purity before buying.

#Fact: One goat produces around 8 ounces of pashmina cashmere. However, post processing, this reduces to 3-4 ounces. Therefore, its purity is of utmost importance.

Now, it is essential to check out various cashmere assessment tests one must conduct to prove a product’s quality and authenticity.


7 Insanely Creative Ways to Wear Your Cashmere Pashmina Scarf!

Starting your university this fall? Worried about your wardrobe collection? Well, worry not! If you don’t have time to shop, simply use your regular pashmina and turn it into a fashion accessory!

Are you wondering how? Then sit tight and take notes!

Creative ways to experiment with your pashminas!

Look 1: The bohemian look!

This style is exclusive for the artsy bohemian college girl. Simply wear a shirt dress and pair it with a long skirt and boots. Now, take your cashmere scarf, fold it into half and drape it over one side of the shoulder. After that, take a belt and secure it for a chic bohemian look.


13 Mind-Blowing Facts about Cashmere Pashmina?

Hear out a story first!

The legacy of cashmere pashmina dates back to 14th century. It all began when Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani came across Kashmiri goats providing exquisite soft fur. He used this wool from these goats and made his workers convert them into socks for the monarch of Kashmir, Sultan Kutabdin.

The Sultan, very pleased with the softness of the fabric, issued orders to start a shawl weaving company. Hence, wool from Changthangi goats, a breed of Kashmiri goats, was used specifically for this purpose.

Today, these animals are said to produce the finest quality cashmere in the market. This was the history! Now, besides the above, there are few other riveting facts about your favourite pashmina you may have not known.

So, here goes!


How is a 100% Genuine Cashmere Pashmina is Prepared?

Are you looking for an authentic cashmere pashmina? Well, getting one is no mean feat! But, what does it take to create a genuine cashmere product – that touches hearts and feels soft on your skin?

Want to have a better idea of the product that you intend to buy? Scroll down for the details here.

Getting the pashmina fiber

During the spring season, Chyangra goats in the Himalayan region shed their skin and it is from this shedding that the cashmere wool comes. After sifting of the wool, it is then further combed and spun by hand.

The next level is – processing this cashmere to create the ideal pashmina, the ultimate piece of luxury for one and all.


Recapitulating The Enigma that is Pashmina!

Made with fine premium wool, pashmina is the most-sought-after luxurious shawl.  Typically found in Kashmir, Nepal, Western Tibet, including Italy, we have created a rage in all western countries over a past few decades. We cater to our clients with a high-end quality pashminas shawls and wraps imported from these countries.

Pashmina Enigma